Fingerling Potatoes

We went grocery shopping last weekend and DH picked up a 5lb bag of fingerling potatoes. The skinny potatoes range in color from white to purple.  Not being a potato lover myself, I figured these were a great and quick way to make potatoes in small batches and wouldn’t sit unused for weeks on end in the house.

With the weather starting to warm up, ever so slowly for Arizona I might add, we grilled ribs this week.  I pulled the purple fingerlings out and decided to make mashed potatoes.  I will be perfectly blunt, the thought of purple potatoes is completely unappealing to me.  The potatoes are so small that I did not peel them before tossing them in the water.

Imagine my surprise when deep purple potatoes begin to boil in bright green water. 064  For a small as the potatoes are, they took a surprising amount of time to boil to fork tender and if I’m honest, they look completely unappetizing boiling away.

Boil complete, I made mashed potatoes as usual.  065   The color of the final product was utterly appropriate for Easter Sunday!  I couldn’t bring myself to eat them to be honest, I don’t truly like mashed potatoes and the color was in stark contrast to my plump, red beefsteak tomato sliced and peppered with crumbled blue cheese waiting for me. 

Hubby loved them!  He said they tasted just like potatoes and the color made no difference.  Still, couldn’t bring myself to taste them but I promise I will when I convert the leftover to potato pancakes this weekend.  I promise to update on the taste and recipe if successful.