S’more experiment

So recently we have been tortured by the oft-repeating Hershey commercial featuring s’mores. Since we aren’t going camping any time in the foreseeable future, hubby suggested trying to duplicate the taste in a pie format.  It is a brilliant idea and one I should have thought of sooner.  When we went shopping this week I picked up the ingredients to begin the experiment with, pictured above.

Last night the experiment bore fruit when I capped off the wonderful BBQ dinner we had, nothing compares with beautifully smoked pork spareribs.  For the first experiment I wanted to try a pre-made pie shell to determine if it would make a decent lazy days dessert.  I grabbed the crust, marshmallows, and our favorite chocolate bar.

I’d like to say it was complicated but honestly, it is far from complicated.  Throw marshmallows in the crust, break up chocolate to cover, and place in the oven.

About two minutes before I pulled it out of the oven, I crumbled a graham cracker over the top of the melted chocolate and toasted marshmallows.  It worked well to simulate the graham cracker goodness of a s’more.

The pie was warm, ooey, gooey, and sweet.  The warm chocolate and marshmallow treat sliced beautifully and was a delicious end to the evening.

There will be definite changes to future iterations of the dish.  A whole pie is too much for just the two of us, the pre-made crust was not nearly as good as mine, and there needs to be more chocolate for my preferences.  I think making s’more cupcakes in a silicone baking pan will be much more efficient for just the two of us.  The chocolate bar had almonds in it and they were the perfect addition to a traditional s’more for adults.  They were crunchy and sweet.

I will definitely make this again with some modifications. 


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