Summer has officially arrived


Happens every year, that overwhelming urge to eat sweet, succulent, juicy fruit until my insides explode and that desire smacked me in the face this week.  We were at Costco yesterday and came home with a car brimming with fruit.  Nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, grapefruit, cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon all somehow managed to jump into the cart and sneak into  checkout lane.  Got home without any of the melons exploding from getting jostled during the ride home, something my husband always worries about but has never happened, and made room in the refrigerator.

When I opened the door of the refrigerator about ten minutes after I shut it to contemplate what I felt like making for dinner, the smell of fruit was overpowering and delicious.  We ordered pizza last night, lazy but it was simply to hot to cook after being out in the sun in the middle of the afternoon hen it’s over 100 in the shade here right now.  First thing this morning, I got up and decided to tackle the immediate “problems” in the refrigerator.

The first thing to be tackled were the berries, by far the most delicate of all the fruits and the most likely to spoil.  I dumped all of them into a sink of cold water and swished everyone around to rinse off the dirt and debris that might have decided to come along for the ride.  Blueberries and raspberries were then rescued and transferred to a colander by hand, and  impressively not a single one of them were bad or needed to be tossed.  I let those drain while I stemmed and sliced the strawberries.  I tossed all the berries in containers with a little sugar and a healthy splash of bourbon.   Two containers went immediately into the freezer because they will spoil before the two of us could eat them alone and the third container is in the refrigerator waiting for tonight when I make Drunk Berries Shortcake, pictures and recipes to follow tomorrow.

The melons were the next thing I tackled.  One of my favorite dishes in the the world is melon salad.  It’s not complicated, it isn’t fussy, it doesn’t care about perfect cuts, it’s just plain, simple, old fashioned good food.


Cut and cleaned cantaloupe and honeydew are combined with juicy watermelon, tossed together and chilled.  It is the perfect breakfast dish with toast or yogurt,  It is ice cold when you come in from outside activities and need to recharge your batteries.  And tonight for dinner it will be served alongside grilled Andouille Sausage and fresh squeezed grapefruit margaritas to wash it all down with. 



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