Consolidation of Social Media


I hereby admit the following, this exact posting will be reposted as a new post to a couple of blogs and I am horrible at managing a multitude of social media outlets for various projects at the same time.  I am consolidating the social media circles to one twitter feed, one facebook feed, one pinterest feed, and one Google plus feed.  Consolidation lets me manage all of my blogs, my Avon business, and the things that make me a complete human being more simply and concisely.

I decided to do this for a couple of reasons.  First, trying to manage and maintain multiple social networks was taking over my life and certain ones were neglected in preference to more active ones.  Secondly, a girl needs time to herself so that important activities like gardening, scrapping, stitching, gaming, or reading can actually happen!  It’s very difficult to write about what’s happening in the kitchen or the garden if I’m never making cookies or picking flowers and vegetables.  And lastly, having so many separate social feeds is beginning to make me feel like many one dimensional people all at the same time.  I am SO over that feeling!

So, please update your links or add links as necessary.  Existing separate accounts separate from the above listed sites will be deleted at the end of next week.  Hope to see all of you on the new sites!


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