Blog Neglected

It has been very long time since I posted here and truth is, simply to difficult to keep up with multiple blog sites and work on my novel.  So, I am going to start posting cooking blogs on my “everyday” blog.  I will post cooking entries under the title “Heritage Cooking”.  The blog can be found here and I have two new postings going up in the next couple of days one for bread and another for amazing cookies.


Revitalized for Cooking & Writing

Last several months life has been busy and writing a cookbook was the last thing I had any interest in doing.  I’ve come to learn that writing a book is a much different animal than writing a blog posting on a snippet regarding gaming news.  However, I am once again in the mood to work on the book and am really quite pleased with what has been written so far.

I of course, pick the beginning of the holiday season to start writing a book again.  Apparently my timing this year is just always slightly off, but that’s ok just means I’m one of those interesting characters you meet in life.  What energized me to start writing about food again, my amazing Oatmeal Cookies from last weekend and the terrific sourdough starter I made last week.   The first loaf from that starter is phenomenal, tangy and sour.  The toast I had this evening was grand and I am looking forward to breakfast in the morning.  Unfortunately, it didn’t dawn on me to take photos but I am moving the camera to the kitchen immediately.