First, I didn’t do much cooking this week and thus no potato pancake pictures and story to share.  I will be cooking tomorrow night however and so DH will be getting potato pancakes with his roast chicken.

I made significant progress on writing the cookbook this week.  The concept and rough outline/draft has been completed.  I sent it to my mom for review and to make sure she’s truly alright with me sharing family recipes with the world.  So far she likes it and I’m truly surprised by the amount of work it takes to write what comes naturally in the kitchen.  It is fun however figuring out how to convert a pinch of this into a quantifiable amount so that someone else can make the recipe. 

While cruising the net when I first woke up before dawn this morning, I found the Shine Super Club, and decided it sounded like fun.  I am going to pick something that truly baffles me, I have so many of those old cookbooks with recipes that have always intrigued me.  So, what better time than now?